Herbaceous Plant Supports

Our 'bowed' plant supports can be used singly to prop up leaning stems, or grouped together around an invasive plant. The curved bow follows the natural contours of the plant, avoiding the regimented, 'trussed-up' appearance of canes and string.

Made from PVC-coated solid steel rod.

G1 Low Bow and G2 Middle Bow are available in olive green (see photo below right with poppies) and dark green.

Premium Range   rose Arch
Code Description Height* Width Price Per Pack of 5
G1 LOW-BOW: (in 5.2mm PVC coated rod)
for peonies, astrantias, sedums, dicentra, euphorbia
500mm (19") 400mm (16")
£7.00 PACKS
G2 MIDDLE-BOW: (in 6.2mm PVC coated rod)
for poppies, daisies, campanulas, alstroemeria, valerian
670mm (25") 400mm (16")
£9.00 PACKS
G3 HIGH-BOW: (in 6.2mm PVC coated rod)
for delphinium, rudbeckia, echinacea, monkshood
800mm (31") 400mm (16")
£9.50 PACKS
Economy Range

Shrub Supports

Dark green 7mm PVC coated solid steel rod

Code Description Height* Width Price Per Pack of 3
G7 for roses, buddleias, mallows etc. 1000mm (39") 600mm (24") £ 15.50 PACKS

Sale Items

In black 5.5mm PVC coated Solid Steel Rod:

rose Arch
Code Description Height* Width Price Per Pack of 5
S1 LOW BOW 500mm (19") 400mm (16") £5.50 PACKS
S3 MINI BOW 350mm (14") 400mm (16") £5.00 PACKS

In khaki green 5.0mm PVC coated Solid Steel Rod

S2 BABY-BOW: for spring bulbs, herbs, dianthus, smaller geraniums etc. 300mm (12") 300mm (12") £5.00 PACKS
S5 "Budget" Standard
(See photo right supporting a Phlox)
600mm (24") 250mm (10") £5.00 PACKS
Shrub Support

"All-round Plant Support"

A great idea for supporting plants which are prone to falling in all directions, eg. delphiniums, peonies and poppies.
The two-legged design will stop the support from swivelling round in the wind, and the circle can be opened out and wrapped around the plant, giving a snug fit.
Available in the following sizes:

In dark green 6.0mm PVC coated rod:

Code Description Height* Diam. Price Per Pack of 3
AR1 Small (ideal for peonies) 500mm (20") 350mm (14") £9.00 PACKS
AR2 Medium (for poppies, daisies etc.) 750mm (30") 350mm (14") £9.50 PACKS
AR3 Large (perfect for delphiniums) 1000mm (39") 350mm (14") £10.00 PACKS

In Dark Green 5.00mm PVC coated Steel Rod:

AR4 Micro (for spring bulbs, pinks etc.) 400mm (15") 250mm (10") £5.50 PACKS