Rusted Iron Range

Beautiful, natural supports for the garden.
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Herbaceous Plant Supports (see photo right)

can be used singly to prop up tall stems, or grouped together around an invasive plant. Now available in 5 sizes
Name Rod Width Height Price Quantity
Standard 7mm300mm (12")500mm (20") £18.00/set of 4 SETS
Small 8mm450mm (18")600mm (24") £20.00/set of 4 SETS
Medium 8mm450mm (18")750mm (30") £22.00/set of 4 SETS
Large 8mm450mm (18")900mm (36") £30.00/set of 4 SETS
Tall Boy 8mm450mm (18")1250mm (49") £34.00/set of 4 SETS
Herbaceous Plant Supports <span>(see photo right)</span>
Rose & Shrub Supports <span>(see photo left)</span>

Rose & Shrub Supports (see photo left)

A very strong support which blends beautifully with roses and will also restrain buddleias, tree peonies, mallows and large established clumps of delphinium and monkshood etc.
Name Rod Width Height Price Quantity  
Original 10mm650mm (26")1000mm (39") £52.50set of 4 SET OF 4
Large 10mm900mm (36")1250mm (49") £69.50set of 4 SET OF 4
Extra Large 12mm1200mm (48")1500mm (60") £99.50set of 4 SET OF 4

Stakes (see photo right)

can be used to support individual plants such as dahlias or used with string around a clump of perennials such as Helleniums
Small 800mm (32")
(6mm rod)
£18.00set of 3 Quantity required SETS
Medium 1200mm (48")
(7mm rod)
£26.50set of 3 Quantity required SETS
Large 1500mm (60")
(8.5mm rod)
£34.50set of 3 Quantity required SETS
Extra Large NEW 1800mm (71")
(12mm rod)
£42.00set of 3 Quantity required SETS
Stakes <span>(see photo right)</span>
Spears <span>(see photo left)</span>

Spears (see photo left)

A very heavy-duty stake which can be used with rope to enclose a rose bush, or to make an ornamental division within the garden. The spears are drilled with an 8mm hole just below the finial for threading rope, which can be supplied on request. (Photo far left) The Small Spear used with chain to create a low barrier along the top of a wall. Also very effective for protecting grass frontages.
(made from 20mm rod)
Rope for Spears £0.50Per Metre Quantity required
Small: 900mm (36") £15.50 ea Quantity required
Medium: 1400mm (56") £18.50 ea Quantity required
Large: 1750mm (69") £24.50 ea Quantity required

Spirals (see photo right)

add interest and fun to the flower border! Suitable for training sweet peas, climbing nasturtiums, 'Morning Glory' and smaller clematis plants, or as a sculptural feature providing contrast with delicate plants such as cosmos or gypsophila.
NB: The straight 'spike' needs to go approx. 500mm into the ground to stabilise the spiral, and if you have very light soil you may need a few stones around the base for extra anchorage.
Spiral 1500mm (60") (8mm rod) £44.00/set of 3 Quantity required SETS
Spirals <span>(see photo right)</span>
Wrap-Around Supports <span>(see photo left)</span>

Wrap-Around Supports (see photo left)

for tall stemmed plants which require all round support, e.g. foxgloves, campanulas, eremurus, hollyhocks etc.
Size: 350mm (14") diam x 1000mm (39") high
(8mm rod)
£33.50/set of 3 Quantity required SETS

Lobster Pot (see photo right)

grow-through support for peonies, poppies, herbaceous clematis etc. Also useful in Winter over a delicate plant, stuffed with straw or bracken. A lovely architectural feature in its own right.
  Height Diameter Rod Price  
Small: 660mm (26") 500mm (20") 7mm £44.50each Quantity required
Medium: 900mm (36") 700mm (28") 10mm £72.50each Quantity required
Giant: 1200mm (48") 900mm (36") 10mm £98.50each Quantity required
NEW Tall: Ideal for containing very large *herbaceous plants, or for climbing roses etc.
  1750mm (69") 800mm (32") 10mm £125.00each Quantity required
Lobster Pot <span>(see photo right)</span>
Lobster Pot
New Tall
Lobster Pot
Tulip Basket (see photo right)

Tulip Frame

Tulip Basket (see photo left)

ideal for small groups of tall parrot tulips etc.
Height : 500mm (20")
Base diam. : 150mm (6")
Top diam. : 250mm (10")

£24.00 each Quantity required

Flower Baskets NEW (see photo right)

With internal grow-through grid. Perfect for showcasing and protecting your special bulbs and perennials.


Height 400mm (16")
Base diam. 300mm (12")
Top diam. 400mm (16")
£34.50 each Quantity required


Height 500mm (20")
Base diam. 350mm (14")
Top diam. 500mm (20")
£42.50 each
out of stock - available mid-June


Height 650mm (26")
Base diam. 350mm (14")
Top diam. 500mm (20")
£49.50 each Quantity required
Flower Baskets (see left) Flower Baskets
Rose Baskets (see photo left)
Rose Baskets (see photo left)
Rose Baskets Frame

Rose Baskets (see photo left)

Perfect for shrub roses with a tendency to collapse! Also suitable for lilies and other potted conservatory plants. The Extra Large and Giant Sizes are also ideal for large floppy headed hydrangeas, eg. H. Arborescens "Annabelle".


Height 700mm (28")
Base diam. 230mm (9")
Top diam. 400mm (16")
£39.50 each Quantity required


Height 900mm (36")
Base diam. 300mm (12")
Top diam. 450mm (18")
£49.50 each Quantity required

Extra Large
Height 1M (39")
Base diam. 500mm (20")
Top diam. 900mm (36")
£76.00 each Quantity required

Climbing Tower (see photo right)

A very stylish framework for sweet peas, climbing roses, or as here with a combination of Clematis tangutica and a fragrant honeysuckle.
Overall height : 1800mm (6 ft.)
Globe diameter : 650mm (26")

£162.50 each Quantity required
Cone Frame
Climbing Tower (see photo right)
Rose Arch

Rose Arch (see photo left)

This lovely Rose Arch has a traditional latticework design. Use one to frame a gateway or garden seat (see photo left) or a series to create an enticing walkway (see drawing below)

Overall Height 2130mm (7’) including legs
To erect simply push approx. 200mm (8”) of leg into ground

Height : 2130mm (7 ft.)
Width : 1130mm (45")
Depth : 305mm (14")
£178.50 each Quantity required

Trellis (see photo right)

Our trellis panels can be used in so many ways, on a wall as here with a beautiful Rhodochiton, or using three panels in a triangle to create a climbing frame for sweet peas etc., or in a series to form a screen (see below left and right).
Height : 1850mm (73") including legs
Width : 380mm (15")
Legs : 300mm (12")
£52.50 per panel Quantity required
Scroll-Top Planter

NEWLatticework Planters & Fence panels

Scroll-top Planter

Looks great with either a terracotta or glazed pot (see photo left) and features the same lovely ornamental top as the Trellis panels (see above).

It has a raised base and will hold a round or square pot up to 350mm (14") wide and 400mm (16") high.

£120.00 each Quantity required

Ball-top Planter

Will take a pot up to 400 (16") wide and 450mm (18") high.

This version is "bottomless" so can also be placed directly over a small conifer or shrub to protect it from small dogs! It works beautifully in conjunction with the Latticework fence panels (see photo right)

£98.50 each Quantity required

Latticework Fence Panels

These are ideal for path edging or for creating interesting spaces in the garden.
Can also be used to stop up gaps under hedges (those small dogs again).

Height : 440mm(17") + legs 240mm (9")
Width : 860mm (34")
£49.50 each Quantity required
Ball-Top Planter + Fence Ball-Top Fence Fence Panels
Cones Cone Topiary Frame

Cones (see photo left)

Our new Cone climber support has a large eye-catching ball on top! It looks stunning in either a cottage garden or in a more formal setting (see photo left). Ideal for climbing roses, clematis, sweet peas etc, or with nothing at all.

Tall Cone

Height : 2000mm (79") including legs 400mm (16")
Width: 600mm 24" at base

£158.50 each Quantity required

Medium Cone

Height : 1500mm (60") including legs 300mm (12")
Width: 500mm 20" at base
£98.50 each Quantity required

Small Cone

Lovely in a large pot trained with annual climbers, eg. Black-eyed Susan, Morning Glory, climbing Nasturtiums, or a small-leaved ivy (see photo).
Height : 800mm (32") including legs 200mm (8")
Width at base: 400mm (16")
£34.50 each
out of stock - available mid-June

"Leaf" fencing panel(see photo right)

These attractive panels are perfect for edging in front of larger herbaceous plants and will deter your dogs from leaping onto the border! Can also be used crossed over each other to protect individual plants.
Height : 900mm (35") to point of leaf
Width : 560mm (22")
Allow 10 leaves per 4 metres when overlapping as shown.
£7.50 each Quantity required
Leaf fencing panel

Rose Baskets (see photo left)

Edging Hoops

Height 350mm (14"), Width 400mm (16") An ornamental way to keep low plants off the lawn! Overlapping as shown, they can be set to follow the curve of your borders. Now available in Twisted and Plain Rod.
Allow approx. 3 hoops to the metre/yard

Twisted Hoops (Photo 1) £27.50 set of 6 Quantity required
Plain Hoops (Photo 2) £19.50 set of 6 Quantity required

Plain Hoops


Globe Topiary Frame

Ideal for training small-leaved ivies eg. Miniature Needlepoint or Ivalace. Can also be used as a cutting guide for box and Lonicera Nitida. Globe diam. : 450mm (18")
Leg length : 300mm (12")
£39.50 each Quantity required

Cone Frame
Globe Topiary Frame
Shepherd's Crook

Shepherd's Crook

To support your favourite lantern!
Also suitable for small bird feeders, eg. nut bags, coconuts.

Height: 1600mm (64")
Allow approx. 300mm (12") in the ground.

£24.50 pair Quantity required

Shepherd's Crook